Tiger from the Vancouver Zoo



Second date at Cresent Beach

Our story started in June of 2003. A man named Leon, who worked with Marie at Jan Eden's, turned up working with David at La-Z-Boy. 

One day Marie came in to visit Leon. Leon, who had been planning this since the day he started working there, could not resist but to introduce Marie to David, and then promptly walked away, leaving the two of them alone. Well David being a gentleman asked Marie to help him with some landscaping at his house, well to no surprise Marie declined - she was busy haying.

Well the next time Marie came to visit Leon, he once again left her in the hands of David. This time David was giving strict instructions by Leon to get her phone number. But no, Leon had to get Marie to leave her phone number with him so he could pass it along to David.

After work that day David called Marie and asked her out on a "date". Well they agreed to got out on a Monday... that is a whole other story and the rest like they say is history.