We would like to introduce some of the wedding party to those of you who didn't meet them.

The Maid of Honour:

Andreya Rayburn

Marie has known Andreya since her SFU days.  They then worked together at ALS Environmental.  Andreya currently lives in New Westminster, B.C.



Sheila Cowan

Sheila is Marie's youngest and only sister. Sheila currently lives in Lethbridge, Alberta.


Junior Bridesmaid:

Amanda Smith

Amanda is David's niece. Amanda currently lives in Abbotsford, B.C.



Best Man:

Gary Bose

Gary is the youngest of David's five older brothers. Gary currently lives in Calgary, Alberta.



Niels Ksonzek

David and Niels have known each other for more than 25 years. Niels currently lives in Perth, Ontario.


Winnie Bose

Winnie is David's eldest brother, he currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta.




Scott Cowan

Scott is Marie's eldest brother, he currently lives in Swift Current, Saskatwan.



Leon Broughton

Leon is the person who introduced Marie to David. They both owe Leon a million thanks. Leon currently lives in Maple Ridge, B.C.