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My name is Isabelle. I was born on July 18, at 2:57 am in the morning. I weighed 6 lbs 13 ozs at the time. The story of my birth is kind of funny. My mommy wanted to go to her cousin’s wedding so bad, that even though her due date was August 3rd and the wedding was on July 16th she went anyways.

So we travelled to the little town of Oyen, Alberta, at little town two hours east of Drumheller near the Saskatchewan border.

We went to the wedding on Friday and everything was alright, the next day we went to the gift opening and mommy was feeling under the weather. Afterwards we went into town to a Show’n’shine and mommy stayed in the car. Later in the day mommy really felt bad so we went to the local hospital. Where they said we had to travel (by air) to Medicine Hat. So mommy flew by airplane and daddy drove. It wasn’t long after we got there that I was born.

Just in case you want to know how many days until my birthday: